Top 10 Series: @CraigsPopLife, Writer and Hip-Hop Head Extrodinaire Edition

By Demarcus Robinson (@DocIsChief) Q & A number four in the Top 10 Series features Craig Seymour (@CraigsPopLife) explaining his long love of hip-hop, his career as a pop culture writer and how he feels about new music. I don’t … Continue reading

On my Fergenstein

By Demarcus Robinson A$AP Mob released “Lord$ Never Worry” two weeks ago to mostly positive reviews, and you can’t tell me the reason for the love isn’t because of A$AP Ferg. It’s true that the face and heart of the … Continue reading

Saying the most by saying the least

By Demarcus Robinson If the minimalist, extraordinaire Steve Jobs were still with us there is one thing I know for sure, and it’s him and 2 Chainz would be kindred spirits. 2 Chainz transformed from a virtuoso of poesy into … Continue reading

“Been ill since Stick Stickly” – Asher Roth

  By Demarcus Robinson (Slightly Factual) The title of this post and Asher Roth himself would have you believe he’s been ill since the summer of 1995 (the debut of Nick in the Afternoon which Stick Stickly hosted). This is … Continue reading