I’m a journalist, but I need a forum to openly express my opinions like anyone else. I have varying interests that include but aren’t limited to: music, sports, movies, news, photography & videography.

I started my WordPress for two reasons. The first is because I needed another blogging outlet outside of my Tumblr. I really enjoy Tumblr, but I feel that my longer writings can get lost in a sea of “likes” and “reblogging”. So now I’ll try to give short form opinions on interesting links I find via Tumblr, and use this as my platform for my thoughts that are lengthier. These thoughts will be related to music, sports, social issues and random musings.

The second reason I started this blog is because I wanted to feel like I was working towards something while I searched for actual work. I graduated from NIU in December of 2010, but haven’t locked in a job yet. I did some freelance reporting for half of 2011, but things have been dry since. A couple of near opportunities came along, but I always got passed over. I figured this would be a good way of at least writing something on a more regular basis so that I wouldn’t be completely out of practice. Hopefully I can grow my audience reader by reader and obtain a good audience.

*Update, things are still dry, but I’m back to freelancing*

Help the blog out if you can. Donations will go to design of the site. Anything more than what this site needs would go to the sister blog RealestEver.Tumblr.Com

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