#BlackLivesMatter, and that also means #RepresentationMatters. These are connected statements, as many at the forefront of #BLM are also fighting for representation for various groups. However, representation sometimes gets cast aside within the fight of #BLM or any civil rights … Continue reading

Cash doesn’t always rule

Tragic Odom

By Demarcus Robinson (Slightly Factual) I’m only 23 years old, but I’ve gone through my fair share of woeful events. Within the last few years I’ve dealt with my dad being on the edge of death on two occasions. The … Continue reading

Eyes Wide Shut – The Joseph Kony Editon (Ignored by the masses)

Image from Invisible Children

By Demarcus Robinson (Slightly Factual) Over the past 24 hours my social media timelines have exploded with one common theme, Joseph Kony. I’m sure many of you are now aware of who this man is by now, due to Facebook, … Continue reading

No empathy for the rich and famous… but why?

Sympathy for the talented

By Demarcus Robinson When, if ever, will we reach a point where we can sympathize or empathize with other human beings regardless of separating factors such as class, race or religion? I wonder this because I found some reactions to … Continue reading