On my Fergenstein

By Demarcus Robinson

A$AP Mob released “Lord$ Never Worry” two weeks ago to mostly positive reviews, and you can’t tell me the reason for the love isn’t because of A$AP Ferg.

It’s true that the face and heart of the collective is A$AP Rocky, but behind that is the energy and diversity of Ferg. Fergenstein is very energetic in the way he delivers his rhymes while Rocky is usually smooth and reserved. While you vibe out with the self-proclaimed “pretty motherfucker”, Rocky, you just want to dumb out when Ferg blesses the mic. It’s not easy to explain, but you’re drawn to Ferg. Maybe it’s how he says what he says as much as what he says. My introduction to Fergy as well as the rest of the A$AP Mob was on Rocky’s debut project “LiveLoveA$AP”. When Ferg’s verse came on during “Kissin Pink” I was definitely hooked on what he was portraying.

Hey and now I’m blowing hella smoke
Talking on my cellaphone and I got that purple on me
She sipping on my styrofoam cup
Telling me she wanna bone but I ain’t got no condoms on me
She claiming I’m a Pimp C
Cause I’m sipping big mo when I’m on that screw juice…

He raps about women, drugs, money, his crew and doing things that young upcoming rappers enjoy to do. He does it in his own way though. The A$AP collective is often compared to the Wu-Tang Clan because of its numbers, being from the East Coast and the different roles of members. As such, Fergenstein is often compared to eccentric Wu member Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Blasphemy to many, but it’s easy to see why the comparison is made when people grasp for similarities to established groups. He’s not as out there as ODB, but he does separate himself from his group mates as ODB once did. His voice sticks out, he says things that can be seen as outlandish, and he comes off as constantly being struck by a lightening bolt before he steps in the booth.

Visuals are as important as ever to today’s artists and A$AP Ferg doesn’t waste any screen time showing you what he’s about. Take the video for “A Hundred Million Roses“. At one point he’s strapped to a cross with Caucasian females worshiping at his feet while shouting out Selena. That’s a pretty audacious move to pull, but he cares not what you think. The song itself is an ode to what should take place once he’s six feet under. But he assures the listeners that his greatness will return to Earth because his mom is still alive and well, and his girl’s period is late.

And if I die before I wake, I pray that ASAP will be great
My mama good and my girl be late
So there will be another me and the world be straight

Looking to future releases there is A$AP Rocky’s debut album, “LongLiveA$AP” which I’m thoroughly anticipating. I enjoy the laid back rhymes of Rocky, but I want to see how he incorporates A$AP Ferg on the project. Even though it’s Rocky’s solo album, he’ll have the A$AP guys all over this, and Fergenstein could really produce some unbelievable features. I can’t wait to hear him profess his greatness over some more premium beats alongside the rest of the crew or possibly new collaborators.

In the future there has to be a Fergy solo effort given to the masses. Retail album or free EP, I really don’t care as long as we get it. Fergenstein on full display will be nothing less than phenomenal, possibly historical in every way imaginable. I just hope the world is ready to embrace it when it happens. I say that because some A$AP Mob fans don’t fully welcome his presence on records, but maybe they’re just afraid to open themselves to the white hot light that is the character of Ferg. I’m confident they’ll change their ways in the near future though, because it’s only natural to gravitate toward the most interesting member of a group.

A lot of niggas die, due to these streets
A lot of mamas cry, due to this beef
Purple kush got me high, don’t wanna leave
See my daddy in heaven, he be the realist G

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