Q&A: Sole.. the motivated one

Well, I’ve mentioned it a few times, and now the Q&A series is back. This time around I’m aiming to have more audio interviews than last time. These -the ones with audio- will probably be audio only since transcribing is a pain. I’m hoping to have good mix of new and old subjects, but with more of them being new.

Photo provided by Darian Banks Photography

Photo provided by Darian Banks Photography

First up is an MC, Sole.., who I personally know. He’s a self-described new wave hippie who loves music that stretches beyond hip-hop, boat shoes (hello @lakergrrrl) and enjoying the special spinach. While he represents the Chicagoland area, his sound is decidedly different from most of what the country has been exposed to in the past two years. Make some time to listen to a young man who went from unadulterated Juelz Santana love to trying to carve out his own piece of notoriety.

You can check out some of his music below.

Photo by Darian Banks Photography

Photo by Darian Banks Photography

Download and or listen to “The Tribute” here: http://www.gowherehiphop.com/mixtapes/tribute#

Halloween themed track “Crypt Keeper”:

Capricornia coming soon!

Thanks to Camcorder_Banks for letting me snag some of his photos.

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