Bauce Sauce: Chief Keef lover, Vine savant and McRib conqueror

Next up for the Q&A sessions is @BauceSauce, an incredibly unique follow. I don’t remember how long I’ve been following Sauce or what specific tweet drew me in, but I’m glad that I do. He’s an all over the place type of tweeter who makes me laugh several times a day. Tweets, pics and Vines are all top notch weaponry in his social media arsenal.

My questions will be in bold while his responses will be in plain text.

I must say, you’re one of my most interesting follows on Twitter. Were you this lively from the jump, or did you become more comfortable as time went on?

Well, I appreciate that. I started back in ’09 and really was insular with a group of my friends. I got like 600 followers after a couple of months but then quit it because I was getting too obsessed with it…

In the beginning, you are learning the ropes: using a ton of hashtags and generally just being a lame (in my case). I ended up hopping back on Twitter after a couple of months and started back up.

I’m at around 3,500 followers I think, but it took me forever to reach 500 again. Double that to reach 1,000, and then you kind of gain momentum as it snowballs. I’m pretty active (read: tweets a lot) and to some people, that’s not appealing. I have a pretty high turnover with followers because I’m all over the place. people want you to fill a niche role of bringing them updates about one thing. Diverse people don’t fair as well.

But I’ve been talking about the same stuff since the beginning (80,000 tweets ago) and genuinely wanting to interact with people and learn from them. I haven’t changed much.

Nothing Was The Same

Nothing Was The Same

Your Twitpics and Vines are hilarious. When and why did you start doing them in the way that you do?

It’s been an evolution. I either get inspired by others to do things a certain way or I see trends of what people like to share.

Usually, the content comes from boredom and just wanting to do something dumb in a public place because that juxtaposition is always so wonderful and people can relate to it.

Really what sparked it is I finally traded in my old Blackberry 9630 of 3 years for an iPhone 5s. I had no idea what I had been missing. The ability to easily create and edit content straight from my phone was empowering.

Also, a huge shoutout to Twitterless Tim, my old manager. He was responsible for recording almost every one of the early vines. I was really lucky. He’d go along with the dumb ideas I had, and even make them better by the way he recorded them or he’d suggest a retake with me doing something a little different… and this is all while we’re at work.

Haha, that’s pretty cool of him.

Recently I’ve gotten more into dumb selfies and pictures. People love to share pictures more than they like to share text. It kind of started with that Nothing Was The Same series and eventually I expanded it into crying while sitting on a bunch of Bounty paper towels at Walmart.

I’ve gotten a lot of backlash because people perceive it as “Oh look at me, I need attention” but really I’ve never sat down and thought “How can I get attention from Twitter dot com” I’ll be walking by something in a store and the idea will come to me and I’ll take the picture. There’s not a whole lot of thought involved beyond “That might be funny.”

After I left my last job, I don’t do as many scripted/planned vines because every one I want to do involves having two people. Once I didn’t have Tim anymore I realized how much he was an integral part. And there’s only so many times you can ask your wife to film you doing something stupid before you aren’t married anymore.

Nothing Was The Same

Nothing Was The Same, but it was comfortable

Speaking of the workplace, do any of your current co-workers know about the NWTS series besides that security guy?

Hahahaha. Man that security guard played it as cool as possible when he walked up on me doing dumb dances to Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” on the parking garage roof at 2 a.m.

I kept my Twitter pretty separate from work on purpose at my last job. I was able to keep it relatively hidden until I let out one day I had Twitter, and the art department people spent 6 hours searching for me and found me. It kind of got out, and I did get in trouble for tweeting but my bosses were dumb and I was able to say I was tweeting for the music websites I wrote for but I didn’t do it on company time.

So when I took my new job I was like “No one here will know I have a Twitter.” I was there two weeks until I get an email from a co-worker with the subject “Small World” and it’s a screenshot of a tweet I sent that got RTed by @SartoriallyInc… TWO WEEKS!!! Turns out though that guy is really cool, and we talk Internet music stuff occasionally (Like Danny Brown, Yung Lean, etc). It’s a blessing. But he did read the Noisey Drake Vines post without me telling him I wrote for Noisey so that guy knows. Maybe one or two other people, but everyone is so tight-lipped and they keep their private stuff separate. I really appreciate it.

Do you ever worry about the company calling you in after seeing security footage? Is there even footage to be had?

There is no security footage in the office. It’s cool because with this new job I can come in early or work late whenever. But when I was working while still living in another city I worked late a lot so a lot of the security guards know me as the dude who leaves the office at 2 a.m. I did learn that their was security footage of me taking the first few pics looking through the glass part of the door. I didn’t notice the cameras at first. But I think other than the one security guard who saw me take those pics and came up to me like “Did you need help with something?” No one else knows, which is a blessing.

But I will risk unemployment for Twitter. Though it seems like I tweet a lot (and I do), I really only do it when I’m waiting for something to export or a large calculation/formula to finish in Excel. That’s my justification, at least.

I was reprimanded at my last job on a number of occasions, but the people who were on their phones Facebooking or the smokers sneaking out to get an extra few breaks weren’t getting in trouble, so I was willing to take the brunt of it and make an example from it. My parents instilled a very rebellious attitude, and to not accept arbitrary actions from authority figures. To fight it… That’s who I am, and it sounds dumb to say “I’ll die for this Twitter shit” but, it’s something I believe in.

“It” being freedom of speech, and personal needs.

Found da lean at the office, I'm slumped

Found da lean at the office, I’m slumped

You’re a music blogger/site editor. How do readers and or artists react to come of the things you’ve written or tweeted about?

If we are keeping it 100, I’m a nobody who was mistakenly given a platform… most likely because I’m a nice guy who says funny things… but I don’t have the breadth of knowledge most of my “peers” do. I fell into it by accident out of passion.

I doubt my own credibility, and figure most people take what I have to say as a joke or with a grain of salt, but people I respect and look up to say I’m “influential” so maybe? I have yet to have an artist get really mad at something I’ve tweeted or written, but their fans certainly have.

I’ve had people tweet me after doing a Complex list saying “You are ruining real hip hop.” I’ve had an artist who sent me his album unsolicited get mad at me because I hadn’t gotten back to him in two weeks. I said I didn’t owe him anything, and he said “Fuck your life and your baby. You’re a whiteboy loser who is always gonna hate his life.” That’s a little upsetting, but then when you check on his “movement” six months later he’s still only putting up 300 YouTube views because his shit is trash, it’s vindicating.

I think I remember part of that exchange.

Artists, and fans, need to get out of the mindset that opinions in music matter. An artist is going to make it big whether or not Noz likes them. A song is going to sweep the blogosphere or club whether or not Twitter Personality (another insult that has been levied against me) BauceSauce enjoys it.

Writers/bloggers may not like a thing but that’s not the end all be all for that thing. I’m lucky enough where I don’t write reviews and have people telling me they hope I die because I gave it an 8.3 instead of a 9.1, though with every new Twitter follower I get more and more of these randoms in my mentions telling me what I should think.

Haha. Yeah, @CraigSJ‘s mentions are forever a mess.

What’s up with your roommate or former part-time roommate and that cat poo of his?

Man…………………….. when I got this new job I needed a place to rent while I was down there working during the week. An old friend who I worked with at Best Buy in college told me he had a friend who just rented a house, and he would probably be agreeable to having a roommate. I met him. Everything was cool. At the time, the house was getting renovated and was supposed to be fixed and updated by the time I moved in. It wasn’t; thankfully my room was painted/updated. It was a small room and had a ceiling fan so I just shut the door. But this guy worked for a local news station and was gone all the time. I mean, his dog would pee on the couch. He wouldn’t clean the cat poo out of the litter box.

On top of that, the place looks like a bando with holes in the wall and no doors and dust and dirt and trash in the other bedroom and living room… it just didn’t pan out like I wished. That’s why I stayed at the office so late, subsequently making all of those Vines and Twitpics. So, in a way, shouts to him being a lazy pet owner. The smell was awful. It seeped into my clothes… and it just kept getting worse. Come to find out there was the litter box in the bathroom, and then another one in the spare bedroom that had a door not on its hinges leaned up in the doorway to block you from going in that was full that NEVER got cleaned. Eventually there was just cat shit on the floor in there. It was absolutely awful. I said something to him about it, and he would clean up the litter box, but then it would be right back full again because he worked so much. It was a losing battle.

Sheesh, terrible

McRib Mayhem

McRib Mayhem

Please tell me you ate ALL of those McRibs you posted a little while back. Also, what prompted that mass buy of McRibs?

That was last year. Tim and I saw that McRibs were back. They actually were set to be released the following week, but my wife’s sister’s boyfriend manages a McDonald’s and said if you ask for it, we have em in stock and they’ll sell them. There just won’t be any promo stuff up in the restaurant for it. So I posed to Tim the question “How many McRibs do you think you could eat?” He said “Four.” I agreed. I thought that four McRibs was really the max any normal person could eat. As it got closer to lunch he kind of looked at me and said “… so you want to do this or what?” I figured if nothing else it was a funny story/thing to tweet. We got them, and sat down to eat. We only have an hour lunch break so we have about 40 minutes to actually eat, the rest is travel time. We went through them, but around the third one I kind of started to slow down because it all becomes so gelatinous and same-tasting. Tim finished his four while I still had three bites left. I almost threw up in the McDonald’s. I heaved and fought the vomit back down. Took a few sips of Coke, and was able to finish it. I felt like shit for the next two weeks. It was terrible. Don’t eat McRibs. They have ingredients in them that companies use for yoga mats and sneaker soles that is actually banned in Europe.

But, I can proudly put on my LinkedIn Profile that I ate four McRibs in an hour, which is probably a contributing factor to why I got my new job.

Yeah, I decline every time they ask if I’d like a McRib when I go through the drive-thru.

What’s your least favorite part about current blog or even just writing culture? Your favorite?

As this is just a side hobby for me, I try to keep myself on the fringe as far as personal relationships and friendships with other writers because I don’t want to have to get into any kind of drama or arguing. I see constant bickering between writers and critics, because a lot of people are just real assholes and that’s all they know. It’s sad, and tiring to deal with. The converse side of that is that some of the people are awesome, and legitimate friends who I’ve been able to reach out to IRL for things. The people are the best and the worst, which is really just a microcosm of the world itself.

I’m guilty of this too, but there isn’t enough documenting of things. Everyone thinks the Internet is forever, and to a certain extent it is, but every blog says “This is a new song. Enjoy.” when a year from now you are trying to remember why this artist put this song out, or what they put out before that, or any kind of information surrounding that song other than the fact he released a song on such-and-such date.

The Internet is forever, but since its ever-expanding, it makes it difficult to find history the further in time we go. Everyone wants to be first and describe, no one wants to explicate and document.

Put my momma on hold cause da money calling

Put my momma on hold cause da money calling

Where would your life be without Chief Keef, specifically weird Sosa?

I used to be so into lyrics and intricate rhyme schemes and metaphors and all that… but as I mature I’ve come to appreciate the genius in the simplistic. Keef and those of his ilk (Young Thug, Lil Durk, etc) aren’t the best rappers, but they have melodies, and some of their one-liners are so fucking tragic that it rivals a Hemingway book.

For instance Lil Durk says on “Dis Ain’t What U Want” that “I can’t do no shows cuz I terrify my city… They say I terrify my city.” Jesus. How sad is that? This violent dude, being pigeonholed for being violent and it affects him that he can’t give back to his city. Their type of music has really reinvigorated me, and shown me that there is plenty to appreciate, you just have to be paying attention. A lot of time stuff like Yung Lean, Chief Keef singing auto-tuned falsetto, etc. doesn’t get attention because it’s written off prematurely. Plus, it gets me through my workweek.

I assume “I Know” off of “Almighty So” hit you right in the center of your heart. Would I be right?

Oh yeah. I mean just because Keef is a violent ne’er-do-well doesn’t preclude him from having fun. He sounds like he’s having a wonderful time in the studio. It’s really gorgeous to hear him singing like that knowing who he is and what he seemingly represents. The back half of “Almighty So” and “Bang Pt 2” are still in very heavy rotation for me.

How was the Drake concert that you randomly got to go to? Your Vines depicted one hell of a time. Also, is that the same one Al Roker was at?

I believe it was. A person at Epic hit me up and asked if I was thinking of going to a show. I said I had been thinking about it, and they said they could get me tickets. The possibility of meeting him was discussed, WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE ME THE HAPPIEST BOY IN ALL THE REALM, but I got the tickets and had one hell of a time. Drake’s new music doesn’t go over so well with concerts like that. Outside of “Worst Behavior” you can’t really rap along to anything or get to chant/yell stuff. But he made up for it with showmanship and energy. Future was great as always. I didn’t know I liked “SH!T” as much as I did until I heard it in that arena. I can only imagine what it’s like in a club drunk. Miguel did a lot of sexual air humping and it was weird. I know his music but I’m not familiar enough with it to sing every lyric. He did the chorus of “Power Trip” and that went over huge with everyone. If it’s coming to your town and you can catch a show, I’d very much endorse it.

I caught Drake two years ago, maybe three, and it was a dope show. Dude had a sparkle/fire spark waterfall and did great crowd interaction.

Well, last question. If you found a music industry genie, what three wishes would you make? (No Kazaam wishes though)

LOL. Shouts out to Max. That actor was also in “Free Willy 2”.

My first wish would be to have that Chief Keef and Young Thug mixtape come out. Keef tweeted some Thugger lyrics, then Thugger tweeted it was on its way. But when I checked like four months later, he had deleted the tweets so WHO KNOWS. But I gotta believe with the 1017 affiliation, even with Gucci Mane going insane, that they have at least a few joints together.

My second wish would be for me to be Action Bronson’s life coach/assistant/whathaveyou. I know nothing about weed, but I can learn. But basically my job would entail arranging his personal calendar, eating food with him and giving him words/topics to rap about. He once asked on Twitter for people to send him lyrics. I sent him one that said “Give your girl my Andouille/Whisper sweet nothings in her ear until she replies “I’m dewy.” He tweeted me back and said that was way too lyrical. Salary is $60K plus a bonus for whatever lines I supply that get mentioned in reviews/articles/radio/etc.

I’d then wish for all my writer peoples who have day jobs but are extremely talented like Ernest Baker, Craig Jenkins and Andrew Winistorfer to get full time gigs at a music site that suits their needs or an abundance of constant freelance work so they can quit their jobs. Also, for Marc Heilbrunn of MJF [Mostly Junk Food] to receive 5 million dollars to do with what he sees fit. Without him, BauceSauce doesn’t exist.

Well used wishes. Well, that was the last question. Anything you’d like to add?

I appreciate the opportunity to talk about myself! Really, I just want to reiterate to any one who happens to be out there reading that being yourself is dope, and that life is beautiful. Listen to Yung Lean. Bauce Sauce is for the people.

Haha, well thanks for taking the time to do this.

No problem, my lord. I enjoyed it.

The thirst is real

The thirst is real

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