On my Fergenstein

By Demarcus Robinson A$AP Mob released “Lord$ Never Worry” two weeks ago to mostly positive reviews, and you can’t tell me the reason for the love isn’t because of A$AP Ferg. It’s true that the face and heart of the … Continue reading

Saying the most by saying the least

By Demarcus Robinson If the minimalist, extraordinaire Steve Jobs were still with us there is one thing I know for sure, and it’s him and 2 Chainz would be kindred spirits. 2 Chainz transformed from a virtuoso of poesy into … Continue reading

She loves LeBron THAT much

From Bleacher Report.

By Demarcus Robinson *Hint, this will be kind of ridiculous in nature* If you even remotely like basketball then you probably saw game three of the NBA Finals. It was a great game from start to finish. The real fireworks … Continue reading

Money Team on hiatus?

By Demarcus Robinson Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather just started his 87 day jail sentence at Clark County Detention Center in Nevada. Money May will be away for three months which means boxing’s most vocal cash cow will be out of the … Continue reading

Rooting for the Clippers: A dirty feeling

By Demarcus Robinson (Slightly Factual) Los Angeles’ doormat team has gone from exciting up and comers to outside contenders. When Chris Paul landed with the Los Angeles Clippers a bolt of excitement shot through most hoops fans, as well as … Continue reading

Cash doesn’t always rule

Tragic Odom

By Demarcus Robinson (Slightly Factual) I’m only 23 years old, but I’ve gone through my fair share of woeful events. Within the last few years I’ve dealt with my dad being on the edge of death on two occasions. The … Continue reading

Eyes Wide Shut – The Joseph Kony Editon (Ignored by the masses)

Image from Invisible Children

By Demarcus Robinson (Slightly Factual) Over the past 24 hours my social media timelines have exploded with one common theme, Joseph Kony. I’m sure many of you are now aware of who this man is by now, due to Facebook, … Continue reading

No empathy for the rich and famous… but why?

Sympathy for the talented

By Demarcus Robinson When, if ever, will we reach a point where we can sympathize or empathize with other human beings regardless of separating factors such as class, race or religion? I wonder this because I found some reactions to … Continue reading

Forward Together Forward

Four years ago today I was in my second year of college, and second semester at NIU (Northern Illinois University) when a terrible act of violence occurred at my school. Although it was Valentine’s Day there wasn’t anything special planned … Continue reading