She loves LeBron THAT much

By Demarcus Robinson

From Bleacher Report.

Miami Heat fan puts on LBJ’s sweat laden headband. *From Bleacher Report*

*Hint, this will be kind of ridiculous in nature*

If you even remotely like basketball then you probably saw game three of the NBA Finals. It was a great game from start to finish. The real fireworks came after the play clock read all zeros.

No, there were no blowups between teams, players and refs, or players and coaches. Instead it came when LeBron James gave his ever present headband to a female Miami Heat fan right as he entered the tunnel.

It’s a nice gesture, and the lady was excited. She was a little too excited though, and immediately put the nasty, sweaty ass headband on her head! That was a stomach churning scene really.

Maybe it was temporary insanity on her part. Here is the best player in the NBA after an NBA Finals win on his home court. Feelings were running high I’m sure. Maybe four out of 10 people would have done the same. Who’s to say?

I just know I could have never lost my senses long enough to do that. I’m familiar with sweat. I don’t like it when I sweat doing something other than a vigorous activity, but it happens because I’m a big guy. I try not to get my sweat on others, and I hope they take the same precautions in their life with their fellow man.

Sometimes though, you just have to deal with other people’s sweat, and it’s not pleasant. Case and point, have you ever had to guard the ridiculously sweaty guy while hooping? I know I have, and I hate it. Yeah, it’s basketball, and I expect people to sweat. But why is your light gray T-Shirt looking like my black shirt right now, man?! If it was organized athletics I could deal with it. But when I’m at the rec trying to get two, MAYBE three games in, I don’t want my forearm drenched in your back-sweat, man.

This is probably the source of the deep disgust I felt when that nice young lady put on that bio-hazard piece of fabric. I had flashbacks to some super drenched goblin trying to back me down in the post, and then my arm becoming a Petri dish while trying to dig in. Sometimes my arm failed me causing the ‘sweatinator’ to come into contact with my whole body. My shirt which was covered in 15 to 20% sweat would be covered in about a 60% body fluid mixture (majority not being mine, sick).

The only time I’m not totally aware of every drop of sweat coming from another human being is if I’m in a over crowded party, and I’m “intoxicated” (scientific terms here people). Sometimes if you want to dance you just have to accept your partner won’t be bone dry. It’s a tradeoff for fun, I guess. Tip though: ladies, stop swinging your hair around, you might spread “the sweat” SMH.

I’m off track a little bit, but I’ll bring it back full-circle right now. Friends don’t let friends put on other people’s sweaty headbands, or any other sweaty garment really.

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