Money Team on hiatus?

By Demarcus Robinson

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather just started his 87 day jail sentence at Clark County Detention Center in Nevada.

Money May will be away for three months which means boxing’s most vocal cash cow will be out of the spotlight for a short time. It isn’t very detrimental for boxing since Mayweather just fought in May, and wouldn’t have fought again until the second half of the year. I’m sure the clubs and stores he frequently visits will miss him most (besides his kids & closest friends).

So why write about Mayweather if his time behind bars is so short that it doesn’t seem to matter?

Well it’s because it does matter, but it matters to an all important group people may overlook.

The Money Team.

Yes, the group of rich friends Money May keeps in his constant company. Chief among them being 50 Cent, who’s Floyd’s command equal. These two guys created this racks on racks on racks spending group together. Their friendship seems to have developed out of thin air, but they’ve known each other for a good while. This means they’ve been rich together for an extended period.

This group, this culmination of all that is SWAG, all that is extravagance, is probably the greatest group of human beings walking the earth. Forget world leaders, philanthropists, or anyone you’ve illogically concluded was in the Illuminati. Money Team is bigger than all of them. It’s the embodiment of Bret Hart’s life creed: The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

That’s the only way to describe a collective of individuals which includes: Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, Justin Bieber and HHH amongst other members. Also they recently included Lil Wayne in the extended team. I wasn’t a fan of this move, but how can you argue with 50 & Floyd? These guys even know how to do addition by subtraction.

A former Money Team member was Ray-J. For a while it worked, but he started to water down the brand. He went on weird radio rants about how much money he has and what the team does after a scuffle with Fabolous (with certain parts being disproved). Also, I think Mayweather decided he didn’t need a living room piano player anymore. But Fabolous was correct in saying a person can be rich, and still lame. I’m not sure if Fab was made a member, but if he hasn’t been he should be. He’s already friends with voting members of the team, and he’s associated with their associates.

But can Money Team stay above water with it’s co-general away? 50 is there, but he’s busy with music and trying to feed a billion people amongst other things. If left alone Bieber might follow in the footsteps of Ray J if he hangs out with Weezy too much. HHH is a silent partner which means he just goes with the flow most of the time.

Maybe I’m worrying too much though. Drug kingpins & gang leaders have controlled empires from behind bars for far longer than three months.. None of those guys were afforded the resources a Money Team general would have.

Another worry I have is the growth of the operation. While you don’t want to grow something so precious too fast, you still want to grow it. A few new card carrying members would be nice. Some people would say Mark Cuban would be a perfect fit, because the guy obviously has money. He also has the necessary SWAG levels to run with the younger guys. What proof do I have? Well anytime Cuban is in the club it means no bottle of Ace of Spades is safe, no matter how big. Cuban is too obvious though. Instead he should be a part-time member or adviser.

Instead, 50 & Floyd should be looking to add members like Nick Young. Maybe make him a part-time member, and when he signs his next contract make him a full member. You can’t honestly think a guy who goes by ‘Swaggy P‘ doesn’t deserve membership. Also, he dresses like this >>>> as well as this >>>>.

Usain Bolt should also receive an invitation. That guy exudes SWAG when he’s doing anything. He breaks world records while slowing down to celebrate PEOPLE!

History will be made however the national treasure known as Money Team ends up. Greatness really is the only option. I would say my main goal in life is to become a member, but some dreams are too lofty for me even.

Swaggin’ on the Money Team. Swerve.

The Money Team Phone is sort of like the Bat-phone. Only a select few have the number.

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