The Splash Brother You Never Knew About

The celebrity game during NBA All-Star weekend has been a staple kickoff event dating back to 2003.

Former NBA greats lace em up one more time alongside current WNBA standouts, rappers, actors and even politicians.

Some of these non-NBA and WNBA players can certainly hoop but most of them can’t, which makes for some rather awkward but fun sequences.

From guys like Nelly, to Tim McGraw, to Kevin Hart to Arne Duncan, there’s no shortage of star power. Some have the pedigree and some have really good agents.

One name, however, continues to be absent from this list of celebrities. Kirko Bangz.


Up until a few months ago I considered myself a Kirko detractor. I can’t lie and say he didn’t have a few bangers here and there, but something always rubbed me the wrong way about it. He’s kind of like the Drake you’d get if you were sent to hell.

But then I saw this:

I flipped my entire stance on young Bangz, and you should do the same. The jumper has been tested, and it’s wet. The only wetter jumpers known to man are those that belong to the greatest shooter of all time, Steph Curry and his running mate, Klay Thompson.

*Special mention to Kyle Korver, but NTTH*

Kirko went 9 for 9 from 3 point land during Houston Appreciation Week. Just sit with that idea for a minute while you listen to this:

Okay, it’s burned into your mind forever as it should be. You may say it was beneficial editing that showed only the makes and none of the misses. Nope. I’ve had this YouTube clip verified by an independent lab, and there have been zero edits outside of getting rid of all plays that aren’t Kirko. The craziest thing is Kirko probably downed three double cups worth of Sprite and Codeine prior to this game.

Who needs Gatorade?

The only other celebrity baller who could challenge young Bangz would be prime Percy Miller, but the tank ain’t rolling through that door.

Hart has the MVPs, and Duncan has the pedigree, but they’re mere challengers to the throne.

The 2016 NBA All-Star Weekend will be held in Drake’s very own Toronto, and there’s no better place to introduce Kirko to those ignorant of his dominance. It may not be Houston Appreciation Week, but raining threes in front of OVO royalty is a suitable replacement.

If you thought Hart’s run of celeb game success was surreal, you’ve seen nothing yet.

These appearances will lead to a partnership in the future once Steph has retired. The Curry Bangz School of Shooting will give birth to a new onslaught of flawless shooters, dressers and lean pourers.

Kirko Bang taking it all in.

Kirko Bang taking it all in.

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