Top 10 Series: @netw3rk Edition

By Demarcus Robinson (@DocIsChief)

Q & A number 7 in the Top 10 Series brings us Jason Concepcion (@netw3rk) who is known to just about everyone I follow. Known for his wit and and love of the Knicks, he lets us know some of the inner workings behind these things. He’s also the first person in the Q & A series to participate while on a train. That NY life I guess.

My questions will be in bold, and his responses will be in plain text.

Netw3rk’s dog

How would you describe your tweeting style?

I just try to tweet what comes to mind that I think is funny or–hopefully–something interesting. Or weird.

What role in your daily life does Twittery play?

It’s a well into which I can drop weird thoughts and listen for them to hit the bottom.

A corgi has been your avi for as long as I’ve been following you, but you did show your face during a HoopSpeak Live segment once. What is it about the corgi that’s so alluring?

Well, it’s my actual dog. For about a year before that I used my face but wearing different fake beards. Also, the Internet loves corgis.

From Netw3rk’s recent Twitter images

During that HoopSpeak Live session you rocked a scarf, or a swag rag to others. Is that still your look or have you moved on?

I wear scarfs as the environment dictates.

“Here’s something our experts whipped up five minutes ago.” – Netw3rk

You’re very astute in your observations of what’s going on with social media, sports and things in the news. Is this the key to your engaging and often funny tweets?

If there’s a key I try to keep ignorant of what it is. I started this twitter account to follow NBA writers so I could better run my fantasy team. From there it just kind of took off organically. Once I cleared 500 followers–a number I consider ridiculously high–I decided I would consciously try to not think about what I was doing. I just try to tweet something in an interesting way, with references to things I find interesting, then forget about it.

“I remember/ I remember you!/ whoa-oh-whoa-uh-oh/ Yeah!” – Netw3rk

You regularly tweet about the NBA, and one of your favorite things to do is capture Jon Barry’s hand motions and then subtitle them. When and why did this come about?

For some reason I find the way he uses his hands–as well as his analysis–hilarious.

Now that he’s been replaced where will you focus your halftime efforts?

Haven’t thought about it.

“Woke up to the sound of pouring rain/ washed away a dream of you/ but nothing else could ever take you away/(guitar)” – Netw3rk

Keeping with the NBA, how do the Knicks impact your life?

Often painfully.

Zach (@TalkHoops) was behind this next question.

Jeremy Lin. How does him leaving, specifically the way in which he left, affect your Knicks fandom as well as your Lin fandom?

It just reiterates the kind of short-range thinking that’s been emblematic of the Knicks over the years. It doesn’t change my Knicks fandom because shit like this is really just part of the lifestyle at this point. I’ll still follow his career and if he turns out to be anything like the player he was during his Knicks run it will be just another disappointment to throw on the pile.

Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd and Rasheed Wallace. What do you think about the signings, and how do you see them impacting the season?

I really don’t know until I watch them a little bit. Felton should have a bounce back year simply because he couldn’t possibly be worse than he was last year. Sheed is an x factor; probably a XXXL factor. And Kidd looked decidedly finished with the outlines of a fork sticking between his T3 & T4 vertebrae. So, we’ll see. I would imagine a slow it down half-court team, defense heavy, that may struggle to score, and will show lots of iso. Not exactly a rocket science guess.

What situations across the NBA do you guess will provide the best Twitter material this year?

No telling.

Are you aware of #BasketballTwitter? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

I am unaware of it as a thing.

Who are some of your favorite tweeters and why?

@Docfunk when he was active was really great. After that I find everyone I follow to be pretty interesting.

Who do you think racks up the most in flopping fines this year, and what’s the over/under on the amount?

CP3, Harden. I have no idea on the over under, but I predict a flurry of fines  early followed by the league forgetting about it by January.

Was this enjoyable enough for you to return for a second round one day?


Thanks for participating.

Thanks for having me.

Stay tuned for the remaining 3, and feel free to comment or share.

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