Top 10 Series: @ImThatOtter Edition

By Demarcus Robinson (@DocIsChief)

Q & A number 8 in the Top 10 Series features my Twitter homie, Vick (@ImThatOtter). Vick explains why the ladies love him, his strategy for thirsting, being sad and a host of other things. I’m not sure how I started following Vick, but it probably had something to do with his ridiculous tweets that I enjoyed. After the interview I noticed I didn’t ask him about his art, so maybe we’ll get to that in the second series. Sorry guys!

My questions will be in bold, and his responses will be in plain text.

How would you describe your tweet style?

I guess I would say I just tweet. I don’t really have a style. I just tweet whatever comes to my head. If I had to put a name to it I’d say I’m a reckless tweeter. I’m the J.R. Smith of Twitter just chucking up 30 footers while twit pic’ing pics of girls asses. I don’t care.

What role does Twitter play in your everyday life?

A pretty big part I would say which is pretty sad smh. I tweet while in class or when ‘Im just bored siting in my room. But there are a lot of dope people on Twitter that I really enjoy talking with on a daily basis. Plus where else could I talk bout my love for otters and be embraced.

You tweet some pretty outlandish things. What’s the strategy behind that?

Hahaha. I don’t know if there is really a strategy, I’m just a weird dude. If I didn’t tweet the strange things I did I wouldn’t be being me. Let me tell you though, without twitter I’d be telling my friends and random people on the street my strange thoughts and nobody wants that lol.

You’re 19, but you’re currently inhibited by a curfew. Can you talk about that?

Smmfh this some bullshit. Let me tell you how this went down. So I lived by myself in my own apartment but due to the economy and my addiction to gummy worms and 40’s I couldn’t afford it anymore. So my auntie let me move in with her and I was like this bout to be dope. Free rent and home cooked food? YUP! But then she sits me down and says there is bout to be some rules. I’m thinking she gonna have me do the lawn. I can do the lawn, but nahhhhh she says I gotta be home by 12:00. I was like you tripping auntie I’m grown I’m 19 I don’t even drink out my sippie cup no more, you cant do this too me. SMH but in the end I’m broke and have no other option but to live by it. Best know I sneak out at night though.

Pokemon seems to be a staple in your life. Why is that?

Pokemon is a beautiful game/show. It’s a huge part of my childhood that I just can’t let go of. Along with Yugioh but yeah back to Pokemon. I love Pokemon but I’m also more old school. I never got into the new ones like black/white. Imma ride or die Ash type of guy, F the new characters honestly. I think Pokemon will always be a staple in my life though. Unless I meet a girl who says I gotta stop playing to be with her then well it’s been a good 19 yrs Ash and company but peace.

Other passions of yours include R. Kelly, which is understandable, and Future which isn’t. Why are you captivated by both artists?

Always hating on Future, you gotta embrace him. Do I think hes a good rapper? Nah of course not but his voice captivates me for some reason. His “Turn on The Lights” track changed my life in a way I’m not totally sure how, but I know I’m looking for my wifey and the lights will be turned on thanks to Future. Now R.Kelly is just a god. If Jesus is black I’m pretty positive he made R. Kelly in his image. “Trapped in the Closet” is my favorite movie of all time (also he’s making new chapters which makes me the happiest person in L.A.) it’s magic. “Same Girl” with Usher changed the talk/singing game. I spend my life now looking for a friend to sing/talk with everyday since. “Ignition Remix” is probably my favorite song of all time. So yeah I love Kells, plus this dude pissed on a girl and didn’t care at all he an OG.

You’ve been known to thirst on Twitter. Can you take us through your process when deciding who to thirst on and how to thirst?

Ah yes, thirsting. I’m what you would call an ‘all pro thirster’. I know when and who to thirst on. Unlike some people on Twitter. Shots Fired? You decide. Anyways my first thought when deciding to thirst on a female is, is she pretty? I’m shallow I’m not gonna lie. Second thing I look for is, is she white? I love white girls, this is well documented on Twitter. She doesn’t have to be white though, I guess, but it’s preferred. I also like Middle Eastern chicks. Third she gotta be sad. Sad girls are the best girls. Fourth does she have less than 600 followers cause I can’t be thirsting after chicks with 1,000 followers, thats just foolish she’ll never notice me. Plus girls with 1,000 followers are hoes, we all know this. If the girl I’m thinking bout thirsting on fits the criteria then I hit her with an engaging tweet like “U into Otters?” and the rest is history.

Would you say you thirst more than every single one of your followers?

Nah, not even close anymore. When I first got onto Twitter I probably was though. I used to hit every girl that @’d me with an I love you tweet. I was like a young puppy. I’ve grown though and honestly hardly thirst at all anymore.

Vick still holding down the Myspace type pictures.

Young, black and you have tattoos. How do these three elements impact you?

They all impact me in different ways I would say. Being 19 really makes me grateful that I’m still alive. I honestly didn’t expect to still be here at 19 but I am, and I just try to live the best I can aka getting drunk as much as possible. Tattoos don’t really impact my life that much other than girls like em. But when you put em together with me being black they do. Being black with tattoos I get mistaken for a “thug” a lot which really bothers me cause if you know me I’m no where close to being a thug. I’m a nerd bruh. But being black hella dope though cause I can play basketball lol, but nah I love who am, that’s it.

What is #Sadderday, and why do you like it so much?

It’s a day for sadness. I like it cause I can feel sorry for myself and listen to sad music all day. I just text/tweet girls Drake lyrics throughout the day and hope for sympathy nudes. I’m an OG sad dude and sadderdays is how I express it.

You love the ladies, but do the ladies love you?

I wasn’t prepared for this question lol and don’t know how to to answer it without sounding douchey, but I’ll try. The only thing I can say is I do alright for myself. I still haven’t found a wifey type girl who I can watch Netflix and share my gummy worms with though and that’s my main goal with the ladies.

Faded, at least according to the Instagram caption.

What does your follower count mean to you?

Everything. Your follower count says who you are as a person (not really but go with it) I’m a lil over 500 so I’m halfway to my Twitter destination aka 1,00 followers. You get 1,000 followers and you feel like you can do anything. I dream bout that every night. Screw making the last shot in an NBA game, I want 1,000 followers bruh. When I get to 1,000 I’m going to buy a me a Lambo cause I deserve it. So yeah it means a lot probably.

Kendrick Lamar’s album, “good kid, m.A.A.d city”, leaked today. You said you’d never download a leak or pirate it, yet you have. What changed?

What changed is I’m a weak minded ass dude smh. People were saying it was gonna leak this morning and I thought nah I can make it to Tuesday. Then it leaked and I broke faster than when my mom used to tell me I couldn’t have no more cookies. I don’t feel bad though cause I already pre-ordered it. Plus I’m listening to it while I answer these questions so shout out Kendrick. He’s gonna read this, me and him tight.

Who are some of your favorite tweeters and why?

I have so many favorite tweeters. @Yuccimane @Dacplanet and @pokemonyewest are up there though just cause I grew up tweeting with them. They followed me when I only had like 80 followers and they are all hilarious too. @ScottLeedy is another one. Me and him have bonded over our love of T-Mac (Miss u T-Mac) I’m not trying to leave anybody out though cause all my followers are dope and I enjoy them.

What are your thoughts on #BasketballTwitter?

I don’t know if I’m even technically in it considering most of my tweets are bout white girls/otters/Ryan Gosling/ and being sad, but I guess its cool. All of the people I follow from it are generally dope, but there are a few people in “basketball twitter” who kinda are dicks. I think they are called basketball twitter purists or something, but I’m sleep though.

Was this enjoyable enough for you to do it again?

I enjoyed it, and I’m down for another one. Next time I gotta be drunk though cause I think I’m more honest when I’m drunk!

Stay tuned for the remaining 2, and feel free to comment or share.

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