John Taylor: The Other Side Of An Interview

Chad Ashley Photography

Next up in the Q&A series is John Taylor, a supreme interviewer who I met through Kyla Gardner. I started following John on Twitter before I actually met him at a Chance The Rapper show last summer. Since then I’ve … Continue reading

Bauce Sauce: Chief Keef lover, Vine savant and McRib conqueror

Sadderday is real

Next up for the Q&A sessions is @BauceSauce, an incredibly unique follow. I don’t remember how long I’ve been following Sauce or what specific tweet drew me in, but I’m glad that I do. He’s an all over the place … Continue reading

Resurrecting posts from the past

There’s a new menu button on the site for some not so new things. It’s called ‘Posts From The Grave’, and it will serve one specific purpose. The purpose is to dust off old posts I made before I got this thing up and running, or I had even thought about it. I posted some lengthy, for the medium, pieces on Tumblr a while back. Looking back, it was horrible place to put most of these things. So now I’m going to post them on Slightly Factual. I’ll most likely leave them as is, so it’ll just be a straight copy and paste job. It’s basically an archive job. Hopefully you guys enjoy some of these old musings.