Oblivion, it’s what you thought and it isn’t.

“Oblivion” presented a standard plot twist, but then the plot twist became more twisted and fun.

Going into “Oblivion” I was eager because of the premise of humans winning a war, but then they’re forced to leave Earth regardless. Then on top of that you have a two person group sent to Earth for some reason, and they’re attacked by a mysterious enemy. Of course the trailers gave us just enough to know that the mysterious enemy is connected to another group of people, but not exactly how. Despite the possibility that the movie might have tipped its hand a little too much, I was still excited to see it on opening night.

Expectations aside, I didn’t imagine I would be treated to such gorgeous scenery throughout the film. It had such an expansive feel to it that it reminded me of “Prometheus”. That movie had such great backdrops that it really engulfed the movie, and in a way it was a negative. The negative is the film not living up to what it could have been, and it was made much more obvious when you’re wowed by the background and forget about the characters. In “Oblivion” the negatives don’t take place, because the landscape only enhances what’s taking place in the forefront of the story. You’ll be wowed by the world around Tom Cruise’s character, but you’ll never forget that your focus is his character first and foremost.

Oblivion movie poster

Oblivion movie poster

And on the subject of Tom Cruise, I think he did a pretty solid job, but it was to be expected in a sci-fi film. He’s shown his adequate abilities on this front before, and knows how to melt into the wonderment of the story.

Morgan Freeman did a solid role as per being Morgan Freeman, but I couldn’t help but think just about ANYONE could have been thrust into his role, which I won’t get into for those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s more the character as written than anything to do with Freeman.

Now for the twist, it’s pretty much expected, and I think that’s what the writers wanted from the project. They served up an expected curve, but then followed that with a change-up that was much less expected. This is where “Oblivion” does good by not putting all of its eggs in one basket in counting on audience reaction. The secondary revelation allows the movie to continue without leaving moviegoers fatigued and wanting to go home. There’s just no plateau effect.

I suggest checking it out if you haven’t. You get to marvel at some great imagery while also having an actual unknown variant during a sci-fi flick.

Next up for the mini-reviews is “Pain & Gain”, and also “Iron Man 3” which I’m seeing tonight.

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