Top 10 Series: @Maddisonbond Newlywed 1/2 Edition

By Demarcus Robinson (@DocIsChief)

Q & A number 5 in the Top 10 Series features Maddison Bond (@MaddisonBond) who hails from a rich tweeting community in Portland, Oregon. Maddison lets us know how he approaches twitter, his love of drawing, his thoughts on #BasketballTwitter, and the fact that he may have had too much wine during the interview. Who knows?

My questions will be in bold, and his responses will be in plain text.

Maddison on his honeymoon

Can you describe your Twitter style?

My twitter style is half something like a really shitty venue promoter who really would like your money from going to his shows, but its okay if you don’t wanna, I understand, these are great new bands but they haven’t really gotten much play (I mean if you buy my art, I love you). The other half is stream of consciousness tweets about pop culture and my life. The final third is over wrought basketball jokes. I don’t try to push my life philosophy because its not my place, I’m just here to riff on life.

What do you mainly use Twitter for?

I try to promote my art, but it doesn’t really work well. I have had better luck in trying to inform people what they should be reading or buying (provided it isn’t anything I’m selling). Those are my goals, but mainly I use twitter to document my weird journeys through Portland during my work day. I’m also a fan of giving unsolicited terrible advice to younger tweeters. I’m just one man in this large universe trying to talk to people about things I care about. It’s a multifaceted approach that feels like a reflection of my own self. The myriad of interests I have are dispersed in my packets of tweets I send out. tl:dr lots of things.

You recently got married to another Portland tweeter (@May_Bombs). Can you give us a quick rundwon of how you two met and got together?

We met when I was 17 at a party through her brother. We have always run with the same group of friends, more or less, over those 8 years. Her brother and I were always hanging out and I found out we were both going to school for nursing. I had just started a new term and couldn’t afford my books so I called her to borrow them. We were both dating other people at the time but began studying together all the time. One thing led to another and here I am, married as fuck.

Lovely Newlyweds

How will being married affect your tweets?

Marriage will not affect my twitter in the slightest. Amy got me my twitter. I don’t thirst on ladies. The only thing that may happen is I post really sappy life moments about how much I love her.

Other Portland area tweeters attended your wedding. How much joy did that add to the big day?

The joy that Yu and Sean and TIM FS Brown bring me is ineffable.

There was no cellphone coverage signal where you held the ceremony, so was this technically not a Twitter wedding?

Twitter came irl, they just couldn’t do it on the web. Also there was enough booze to kill an ox.

Wedding Invites drawn by Maddison

You’re a talented drawer. Do you derive inspiration from Twitter, or do you use Twitter to express your creativity?

I only draw if only if I’m impressed by the novelty of the idea. I don’t like to draw what’s popular for some reason. I like making things that appeal to me. I’m a selfish person I guess

How did you discover you had a propensity for drawing?

I’ve always drawn. Since before I can remember. I learned to draw at 14 in high school. I still feel like I’m not a very good draftsman, that is a subjective personal problem. I went to art school and all I did was draw. That made me realize drawing is very important to me. It’s not a hobby but a way of making sense of the world around me.

Maddison’s Prometheus art

The Trailblazers, how do they affect your emotional stability?

It’s weird to talk about them during the summer, but I drink a lot during Blazers games. I live or die by them. Sometimes, if my expectations are low I can still have a decent night.

You’re not too far from the Nike capital. Does this positively impact you in any way?

No. They have never offered me a job. Neither has Wieden+Kennedy.

Maddison’s vision of If DMX and Allen Iverson had been friends. GOAT friendship (I requested it)

Who are your favorite tweeters and why?

Favorite tweeters: @DacPlanet, he needs my advice and reminds me of myself, I’m really into talking to past versions of me. He is also pretty wise for his years. @Yuccimane Is beyond the beyond. He’s like the unveiling of the veil during an unveiling. Other people I appreciate for their content are @CardboardGerald for his depressing tweets; @ShighkinNba for his support of me; @TheWagOfMutombo for his amazingness.

#BasketballTwitter, what are your thoughts on it?

I’m not sure I even fully comprehend #BasketballTwitter. It’s a very amorphous grouping of people. They have been awesome at supporting my artistic endeavors which is awesome, but like any sort of social clique there are times when I cannot deal with them. #BasketballTwitter is a friend, and like all friendships we have our ups and downs; periods of disinterest, times of shared joy, and stimulating/divisive debate. It’s interesting because it functions like a hive mind where everyone seems to be thinking about the same thing and creating our own news cycle, but there are always outliers of tangential ideas or things that are completely different categories. I imagine other Twitters function like this, but I find #BasketballTwitter to be a more comfortable fit for my tweets.

Do you think your Q&A will be better than your wife Amy’s, or complimentary?

I don’t know, I think the first part of the interview I had drank a fair amount of wine, and I have some vague recollections of what I wrote. So I imagine it will be complementary. I know I did a crap job of telling the story of our meeting and subsequent marriage which she will tell much better in words. I’m more of a verbal story teller, as is she, so reducing it to a typed paragraph with proper punctuation is difficult. I think that when we tell the story together it pulls together both of our perspectives and gives an more interesting narrative as we weave between who is the teller and who is interjecting with asides. I’ll go with complimentary.

May & Maddison living that beach life during their honeymoon.

Would you be down for a second session in the future?

Yes, of course. Also, Amy is yelling at me and asking when she gets to do her interview.

Stay tuned for the remaining 5, and feel free to comment or share.

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