Kobe: Revisionist

Did nothing but play the loyal sidekick to Shaq
Didn’t shake no tables until tables needed shakin
Didn’t force him outta town
Just helped him realize it was time.

Labored in turmoil for years but didn’t mind it
Never tried to force my way out
Saw the longterm vision, believed in it
Loved my teammates
Smush Parker my little brother
Sasha Vujačić like a cousin
Could’ve won if they gave us time
Sent em away too soon
LeBron should learn from me.

Found Pau Gasol on a garbage heap
Gifted him with soft hands, quick feet, the need to win
Molded Lamar Odom from clay
Breathed life into his long limbs
Built a time machine to make sure Ron Artest Metta World Peace was born in Queens
Because he wouldn’t have it no other way.

The first attempt against the Celtics, no don’t remember that.

Made sure we ran it back cuz it’s twice as sweet
But got tired of the taste
So I let it slip from my mouth
Let them walk away.

Oh, the night in the hotel room?
Didn’t think anything was wrong
Didn’t know her Nos meant no
Didn’t know my kisses were unwanted
Didn’t think anything of her before the police came knocking
Thought she was ruining my life because she was mistaken
Didn’t think anything of her after.

Oh, that night at the hotel room?
Didn’t nothing happen
Why you bringing up old stuff?
I have a wife and daughters, you know
Sometimes I think about her
Didn’t apologize
Didn’t think she’d tell
Don’t think she matters.

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