Rappers get high to help you

(Alcohol & marijuana are not addressed here, just everything else)

You say no to drugs, Juicy J can’t  – Juicy J

At first glance someone would think that Juicy J has a substance abuse problem or at the very least lacks any sort of will power, but that person would be wrong. That person would be wrong about all of the drug use that happens within the world rappers live in.

Cocaine, Codeine, Molly, Promethazine, Oxycotton, Xanax and a myriad of other substances litter the poetic offerings of rappers these days. They’re not shy about what they take and how often they take it because it’s a badge of pride.

I’m addicted to the kush nigga, I’m a drug addict pill poppin hood nigga – SD

In normal society these vices would be shunned and understandably so. With rappers these indiscretions are frowned upon because uninformed parents and community leaders think children are being negatively influenced. Nothing could be further from the truth! Rappers are for the kids, and they want them to be safe. So how do they live up to this ideal?

They promote living vicariously through themselves.

Lil Wyte isn’t talking about pills A-Z to get little Todd to emulate him; he’s talking about getting blasted so Todd can have the experience safely in his room. Immerse yourself in any drug laden song and you can effectively experience being zoned out. I’ve been doing this for years. When I hear about a new fad in drugs I don’t go out and try to purchase whatever it is; instead, I find out what rapper is taking that drug and putting it on record. I know for a fact these pie-eyed rhapsodists want me to be a responsible member of society. If they don’t show us what happens when you ingest dubious substances, no one else will. The real problem is when parents don’t sit down with these misguided kids and say “HEY! The A$AP Mob isn’t talking about drinking lean because it’s cool, they’re talking about it because it’s dangerous! Now go buy their album, think about what you’ve done and listen safely in your room.”

Gold grill shining, don’t ask me how I got em
/ Styrofoam cups with Jolly Ranchers at the bottom – A$AP Rocky

The vivid pictures these students of poetry paint can be quite realistic as I sometimes find out while driving. The first time I listened to “Kissin Pink” from A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg, I almost drove off the road because everything was blurred. I really thought I was gone off that drank. These days I practice safer driving habits and leave the screw juice music off the playlist.

Maybe one day community leaders and lawmakers will realize the utter importance of setting the record straight when it comes to the attention these merciful students of poetry receive. This could be the ticket for the D.A.R.E program to finally get back on track with dissuading the youth from partaking in a life of drug use. Don’t show the kids zombie looking fiends thinking that will do the trick, because they’ll still want to know what it feels like. No, make them sit down and watch countless Youtube videos. If your kid is too busy feeling as blasted as Lil Webbie actually is, they’re not going to have the energy to go purchase real drugs. Everyone wins when this happens.

But how do we repay these pill poppin good Samaritans? There should be some form of a pension system set up to properly compensate these dutiful drug abusing lyricists. Let’s go a step further and allow any rapper given community service to automatically complete it when they walk out of the house. What better way to serve the community than being a walking public service announcement? Billboards costs hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, but these guys do it for free.

True story: I was once walking home from a party, and as I walked through my parking lot a car crept behind me. A shady female passenger rolled down her tinted window and asked if I could help her and her male companion out. I wasn’t sure what I could help them out with since I don’t partake in skullduggery, but I rattled off some possible things they may have been looking for – party, directions, liquor store, etc. – to no avail. Finally, she said that I knew what they were looking for and could I help them get some coke. I internally shook my head upon hearing that. No, sorry I can’t help you get cocaine, you devious duo. I’m ashamed to say the part that didn’t happen, but should have, was me telling them “Hey, you’re out here looking for cocaine when you could just go home and look at this video online or download this mixtape,” but I didn’t. I failed in my civic duties, and for that I am truly sorry. I could have saved the noses of that couple from snorting up copious amounts of booger sugar.

I wonder if they blame me for not directing them to the internet for their high.

From A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie” video

Feel free to discuss how rappers have kept you on the straight and mostly narrow in the comment section.

**Big Ass Disclaimer** For real, leave those drugs alone.

3 thoughts on “Rappers get high to help you

  1. So basically you think ppl can get high (or substitute a REAL high) from watching rappers on youtube?? Lmao you must’ve been high when you typed this. No youtube vid is gunna substitute the AMAZING high one gets from snorting oxy, (or any substance). Nor is it going to stop the youth from being curious about what they’re talking about and wanting to try it themselves. But, i do agree about that d.a.r.e nonsense.

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